PCS to Norfolk/Virginia Beach

Welcome Aboard

We know that a Permanent Change of Station is rarely permanent.  We know that moves excite, disrupt, and challenge.  And we know that the most important thing you will do once you move is find a parish where you can connect and get involved.

At Holy Trinity, we are aware that finding a parish that understands military life can be difficult.  We hear from parishioners that you want a community where the military life is understood and appreciated, but where your family can also be a part of a unique community centered on Christ and His Church.  We believe Holy Trinity would be a great place for you.

As you PCS, Holy Trinity is a great place to land, and we hope you’ll come pray with us as soon as you can.  Whether you are coming to Naval Station Norfolk, Little Creek, Langley, Fort Eustis, or serving as a contractor, we want to help you feel a part of community life.

Our outreach to military family extends to many facets of community life.  See our page to welcome military families here, if you have not already.

Below is some information for getting you connected before your move:

Catholic Education

Holy Trinity is served by four different Catholic elementary schools in the area:

For secondary education, our families make a home for their teenagers at the academically advanced Catholic High School (CHS). Catholic High offers an incredible academic education with activities, athletics and fine arts that are award winning, all within a solidly Catholic environment.

While we are aware that Catholic Education is an investment, the Catholic Diocese of Richmond offers excellent programs for financial assistance and our principals and admission counselors are happy to work with families in making every consideration for Catholic education.

There is a significant community in our parish of families who choose to educate at home.  We would be glad to connect you with local homeschool co-operatives and learning communities.

While the majority of our military families choose Catholic schools for their children or teenagers, our extensive CCD and Life Teen programs serve our students who are not in Catholic schools. If you have any questions, please send us an email.

Baptism, Confirmation, & Holy Communion

Have you started Confirmation prep with your teenager in three different parishes?  Did you miss First Holy Communion because of a TDY that wasn’t very temporary?  Do you need to land in a place where you can connect back with your faith and “catch up” after some time away?  We can help with all of that.  Get in touch with Eva Warner, our Director of Religious Education.  We’ll do our best to get you on track and connected with the Sacraments.  For more information, check out our Sacraments page. The Sacraments are everything to us as Catholics, and we would be happy to prepare and connect you as soon as we can!

Getting Married

If you are preparing for the Sacrament of Matrimony, Holy Trinity has a number of resources to help.  Our pastor is happy to work with couples who are actively attending Holy Trinity (when not deployed).  He can help you satisfy the requirements of your home diocese/parish or prepare you for marriage at Holy Trinity – a beautiful place to be married.  Be in touch with the pastor – even before you arrive – if he can be of assistance.