Come Home to Holy Trinity


Have you been away from the Church? At Holy Trinity, we want you to know that we have missed you, and the Church has missed you at the Eucharist. We want to help you return to the regular practice of the faith and the reception of the Sacraments of our great faith.

Catholics leave the practice of the faith for a variety of reasons—but we believe they all come home for a similar reason: It was the will and prayer of Jesus Christ that all His children be united as one (Saint John 17). Whatever the reason, we are confident that Holy Trinity will be a place where you can say yes to that prompting of the Holy Spirit.

For some Catholics, returning to the practice of the faith may be as simple as starting to come back to Mass, making a good Confession, and again receiving our Lord in the Eucharist. Others may have more preparation or things to do before approaching the altar.

Using Catholics Come Home, we invite you to better understand your own situation and be informed as you come back to the faith. Holy Trinity would be glad to work to pair you with another Catholic to help walk you back into the practice of the faith, sit with at Mass, and ask your questions in a safe environment. Our pastor is always willing to meet with you in order for you to come back into the full practice of the faith.   For more information, please visit or contact our parish office.

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