Preparing for Marriage

Preparing for Marriage
A Wedding is a Day…
A Marriage is a Lifetime.

During the next several months, you and your fiance will be making a covenant to spend the rest of your lives together.  You have many preparations to make before your wedding day — from setting the date and informing your families, to buying special clothes and sending out invitations.  The Catholic Church wants to help the two of you with the most important of these preparations — your spiritual prepraration for a lifelong commitment.

The first step in marriage preparation is to meet with the priest in the parish where you will be getting married.  In the event that you are marrying away from Holy Trinity, your first meeting is with the priest where the marriage will take place.  After that, Holy Trinity is happy to work with couples for marriage preparation.

If you are hoping to be married at another parish but need assistance completing marriage preparation at Holy Trinity, please visit this page for all the needed information.

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Useful Classes (*Talk to Father Dan before scheduling any classes*)

USCCB: Preparing for Your Marriage – You’re dating or engaged. Great! Your love for each other is fresh and exciting. You may be close to making the most important commitment of your life. Perhaps your decision is already made and your commitment is firm. Or perhaps you are still wondering, still testing, still deciding whether this is the right person for you. Either way, you want to go into marriage with confidence.

Unveiled:  A one-day course in marriage preparation offered by the Center for Marriage, Family, and Life, of the the Diocese of Richmond.  Information regarding the course is available at their website:  The Center for Marriage, Family, and Life.

Catholic Engaged Encounters: a weekend experience for couples planning to get married. Helps couples examine areas of their relationship that may not have been looked at, simply because they never came up. It is far better to share our thoughts and expectations in these areas before getting married rather than waiting to discover serious disagreements in vital areas after the wedding.